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Setup your company's investor portal
Setup your company's investor portal

Learn the first key steps to setup your company's investor portal on OwnersRoom

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Learn how to setup your investor portal with a few clicks and get ready to bring your investors on board.

Please see our website or get in touch with us if you're looking for information regarding prices and tiers.

Before anything else you'll need a user, read about how to setup your user.

Create room (investor portal)

From the home page, hit "Create room", to start the process.

Select the country where the company is registered, enter you company's name (Scandinavian company? Wait a second and let us look up your company in the public company registry) and organization number. Hit "Create room" and wait a second while we setup your brand new investor portal.

Upload logo and key information

Click on "settings" in the in the side bar, and upload your company logo and enter the most important general information about your company. Don't worry, you can always go back an edit this information, later.

Setup initial document structure

Start with a basic folder structure and upload the most important documents that you would want available to your current and future shareholders.

First time you create a folder the default access groups, Shareholders, Board and Potential investors, will be your options, but you can create new groups in Network, if needed.

Inspiration for a basic structure:

  • General meetings (w. subfolders per year)

  • Board of directors (w. subfolders per year)

  • Bylaws

  • Shareholder agreement

Import cap table and contacts

You can upload contacts and cap table data from excel, or by manually entering the data (Norwegian companies may also import their companies officially registered ownership data from Foretaksregisteret).

The cap table is based on a ledger of events, that you can add, which in total returns the sum of all shares per investor.

When registering your cap table you can decide to import the full ledger of historical events which have led to todays ownership-situation, or you can import the status quo as of the latest registered change (or a mix of the two; e.g. the status per the end of last year and then adding all of this years events on top).

To import from excel, use the attached excel template, follow the instructions and send to

To get started manually, first decide on whether you are importing the full ledger of events, or the current status of ownership. This will decide which data to enter when you start to register your first event.

If you want to build up the full historical event, start with the first event and build from there.
To import the current overview of holdings, and avoid the events that led up to this point, simply add all the data into one event, and call it "import" or something similar.

When the data is imported, you're ready to invite the investor network to your investor portal (New article about inviting people, coming)!

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