How to use network to manage contacts, access and invites
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Why a Network module?

We’re all about helping you succeed with raising capital from your investor network. The Network module is a core building block, as it is where you keep track and manage the contact data of your investor network.

Key tasks: Find and/or update contact data, set correct access groups, define relations between contacts (people) and companies, and invite new investors to get access.


The structure

The core parts of the Network module are Contacts (persons), Companies, Groups and Requests for access.


Contacts are the people that are related to your company (e.g. shareholders, the CFO and a potential investor). In the contact list you can;

  • Review and edit contact data,

  • Review and change their membership status (are they invited to get access to the investor portal or not?),

  • Edit relations (set the correct link between the people and a company they represent),

  • Review and edit your contacts’ access groups

Click on a contact to edit the contact data. Note that changing a contact’s contact details will affect the contact details showed in other parts of the investor portal (e.g. the cap table).

PS: When selecting multiple contacts you will only be able to perform bulk-actions appropriate to their status. So, if you select 15 contacts and one of them are already «invited» or «member» you will not be able to use «send invitation» before deselecting the one who cannot be invited. You can sort the list by status (click the status-header) to make it easier to select only those who are «not invited».

Access groups

Contacts can be grouped for easier management and to differentiate access and information flows. The access groups are reused to set access to documents and updates. New companies typically start with a setup of a group for shareholders, board of directors and potential investors, but if you know you’ll need other access groups, feel free to create your own.

Hit «view» to enter an access group, here you can change the settings and edit the groups members using the check boxes or add new contacts to the group via the «add contacts»-button. Note that only contacts have status «invited» or «member» can be added to a group this way - you can define a contact’s group when sending an invitation (see the section «inviting you investor network» below).


Your company may have shareholders that are companies. To keep track of which contacts (persons) are related to which companies you can set the correct relations between the companies and their contact persons.

Click on a company to change the information registered or edit the related contacts. Note that changing a company’s name will affect the name showed in other parts of the investor portal (e.g. the cap table).

Requests for access

Investors can find your company’s investor portal within the application and request to get access. Until an admin or SuperAdmin respond to a request, the user will not be able to access your investor portal. When you have a new request for access, you will be notified by email.

Respond to a request for access from the “requests for access” sub-tab. Click «view» to review and handle the request for access. Investors who are granted access will receive an email with a notification and a link to enter the investor portal. Ignoring a request for access will remove it without notifying the person requesting access.

Key tasks

Importing contacts

When importing the cap table, the shareholders, whether companies or persons, will be imported too. We strongly advice you to import the cap table before adding shareholders to the contact list to reduce the workload and the potential of duplicate data in the contact list.

You can create new contacts one by one using the «create contact»-button in the top right corner on the contacts page. Please get in touch via the chat or if you need to import more than 15 contacts that are not imported when importing the cap table.

Inviting your investor network

You can provide access to your companies investor portal by sending an invitation to existing contacts that have not yet been invited (status: «not invited»). Invitations are sent to one contact from the «send invitation» button. Bulk-invite several contacts at the same time by checking the box next to the name of the contacts with status «not invited» and then hit «send invitation» in the top bar of the table.

On the next page you decide which access groups that the selected contacts should be included in when sending the invitations.

Invitations are sent by email.

Note that some spam-filters may block emails from «unknown» senders, letting the recipient know that they’ve received the invitation and prompt them to move the email out of spam/junk is a good idea.

The recipient click on the invitation, setup their user-profile and accept the invitation. They will now be able to access the information available to the group(s) they’re part of.

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