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Buy/sell intentions
Buy/sell intentions

How to provide investors with a simple way to file an intention to buy or sell shares / other instruments.

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Why implement buy/sell intentions

By enabling the buy/sell intentions-setting for a company you provide your company’s investor network with a dedicated channel to express their intention to buy or sell shares (or other registered financial instruments), to the company’s admins.

In addition to offering your investors better liquidity, you’ll also get invaluable insights about your investors, which could be of great value when planning for future funding rounds.


Admins and SuperAdmins can activate ‘buy/sell intentions’ from the ‘investor permissions’ tab, on the ‘Settings’ page within the company’s investor portal.


When the buy/sell-intention-setting is activated, all members of the company’s OwnersRoom can find the option ‘buy/sell intentions’ on the home page. Having specified which company, their intention to buy or sell and provided some context for the receiving administrator, they can send their intention-email.

The company’s admins will receive the intention-email and can decide how to proceed from there.

Managing buy/sell-intentions

When receiving a buy/sell-intention email, the company’s admin(s) should respond to the investor, confirming that the intention is received and preferably some information on how the process will proceed.

If you want to allow existing shareholders / investor network to pick up the available shares/instruments, a secondary deal process could be a solution!

Please get in touch with us if you want to discuss strategies on how to handle incoming buy/sell-intentions!

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