Inviting investors to your OwnersRoom

With the most important information added, it is time to invite the investors. If the cap table is not yet fully imported, we suggest you invite your investors anyways and complete the cap table later (investors won’t see the cap table-page before the cap table is published).

  1. Create Groups. Before inviting anyone, start by creating Groups (Go to Members –> Groups). Most customers use OwnersRoom towards three groups: the Board of Directors, Shareholders, and Potential Investors.

    To create a new group, go to the Members module and click on the Groups tab in the upper right corner. Then use the green action button in the lower right corner to add a new group.

    You can add members to the groups when inviting your contacts.
  2. Inviting shareholders. If you have finished onboarding the cap table then you will already have added the email addresses of the shareholders. Go to the Members module and click the tab that says “Not yet invited”. Here you will find all the shareholders that have been added to the cap table, but who have not yet been invited to your OwnersRoom.

    Select the shareholders you’d like to invite by using the checkboxes and click “Send invitation”. A dialogue will appear where you can add these contacts to the Shareholders-group which you created in Step 1. Click ‘Next’ to add a short text to the invitations which will be sent via email.
  3. Inviting contacts that aren’t shareholders. In addition to the contacts that have been added to the cap table, most customers choose to invite potential investors (and board members who aren’t shareholders).

    If you plan to invite many non-shareholders, we recommend that you start out by gathering a list containing their email addresses in Excel. This will make it easy to copy-and-paste the list of emails into the invitation-flow in OwnersRoom.

    To add non-shareholders, go to the Members module and click the green action button in the lower right corner. From here, contacts can be invited by typing the email addresses one-by one, or by copy-and-pasting a list of emails.

    Once you have added the list of email addresses to OwnersRoom, choose which group this batch of contacts should be added to. In the next step you can add a customized message to the invitation.

    Click send, and the invitations are on their way! Your investors will receive an email with a link to sign up to and access your OwnersRoom.
  4. Follow up within the next month or so by sending a new investor update from OwnersRoom. This will increase the sign-up rates and engagement among your investors.


After meeting with new potential investors, always follow up by inviting them to your OwnersRoom. This way, you formalize the relationship and the potential investor can access the rich source of information you have gathered in the investor portal. Going forward you will also be able to grasp the engagement of this particular investor by using email Analytics via OwnersRoom