Getting your OwnersRoom ready

First, we recommend that you add some basic information to the investor portal. Follow these steps to get your OwnersRoom ready for launch.

  1. Edit the general information about your company. From the “Company” module, click the gear symbol next to the company name to edit profile information, connect to social media profiles, and grant admin access.
  2. Add a welcome message to Updates. We advise you to post a short welcome message to set the tone and explain what your investors can expect to find in your company’s investor portal (see example). Create a new post by clicking the green action button in the lower right corner.
  3. Upload key documents. We suggest starting with essential documents for your investors, such as the Shareholders’ Agreement, Bylaws, and the latest pitch deck or company presentation (visit documents for more inspiration). Use the green button in the lower right corner to add folders or documents in the documents module.
  4. Add your company’s cap table. To import your captable from VPS, you need to do as described in our article about the euronext VPS-extension. If you are not using VPS, you can either manually add the cap table in your OwnersRoom or simply send us an email attaching one of the following import files.
  • Import file: Initial state The initial state’s import file is the very start of your company’s cap table. This file has no transactions/historical events recorded. This option suits most companies best. You can download the import file for the initial state here.
  • Import file: Historical events Contradictory to the initial state import file, the import file with historical events accounts for historical events. You can dowload the import file with historical events here.

For import with specific share numbering or other requirements, please contact us.

For more inspiration, request access to our DemoRoom. This room showcases a best-in-class investor portal.