Getting your OwnersRoom ready

Before inviting your investors to OwnersRoom, we recommend adding some basic information to the investor portal. Follow these simple steps to get your OwnersRoom ready for launch.

  1. Edit the general information about your company. From the “Company” module, click the gear-symbol next to the company name in order to edit general information such as the About section, contact information etc.
  2. Add a welcome message to Updates. To set the tone and explain to your investors what they can expect to find in your company’s investor portal, we advise you to post a short welcome message (see example). Create a new post by clicking the green action button in the lower right corner.
  3. Upload key documents. Your investors will want to easily access core documentation about your company. We suggest you start with the most important documents such as the Shareholders’ Agreement, Bylaws and the latest pitch deck or company presentation (visit documents for even more inspiration). From the Documents module, use the green action button in the lower right corner to add folders or documents.
  4. Add your company’s cap table. You can choose between adding the cap table yourself or simply sending us the cap table for us to import while you move on to inviting your investors. Remember to include: legal entity name;; share classes; nominal value per share; and information about other securities you may have (such as options, warrants, and convertible loans).

For even more inspiration, request access to DemoRoom, which showcases a best-in-class investor portal.