Why Members?

The Members page allows administrators to manage the users with access to the company’s investor portal.

If you are looking for how to use groups and manage access levels, please go to Groups & Access Control. Looking for how to manage administrator rights, please go to Settings.

Understanding the elements

You will find several tabs on the members page. Each tab presents your contacts according to their member status:

Members: Those who have been provided access and have signed up. ‘Members’ can access the investor portal and receive email sent through OwnersRoom (e.g. from ‘News’).

Invited: Those who have received an invitation, but not yet signed up. ‘Invited’ cannot access the investor portal until they sign up as users, but they will get email sent through OwnersRoom.

Uninvited: All contacts from the cap table who have not yet been invited (based on the registered email address). ‘Uninvited’ cannot access the investor portal, and will not receive email sent through OwnersRoom.

Requests for access: Users who’ve requested access to your company’s investor portal and awaits your reply. ‘Requests for access ’ cannot access the investor portal, and will not receive emails sent through OwnersRoom until the request have been accepted (at which point the user will get status as ‘member’).

Common tasks

Inviting new member(s)

There are two different ways to invite new members, depending on whether you are inviting someone who are already registered on the cap table or not.

When inviting already registered securityholders, navigate to the ‘uninvited’ tab, mark the securityholders that you’d like to invite using the check boxes next to their name, and click the “send invitation” button in the top line of the box. This will open up a dialog where you will be able to group the new members and write a text to accompany the invite. Note that the application will use the email address that is registered in the cap table. To change an email address of a securityholder before inviting, please navigate to the cap table-module.

When inviting other contacts than those registered with securities, please use the green action button in the bottom right corner. Click “Add new member” to open the dialog where you will be able to group the new members (premium plan only) and write a text to accompany the invite. You can invite several members at the same time, simply paste a list of email addresses from a table (e.g. excel).

All email addresses must follow common standards for email addresses to be accepted.

We take data protection seriously and therefore require you to confirm that you have permission to contact those you want to invite. Check out the terms of service for more details.

Send invitation-reminders to invited parties who have not yet singed-up to your investor portal. Navigate to the “invited” sub-tab on the Members-page to find all active, pending invites. Mark the ones you want to remind, using the check-boxes next to the invitation, and click the “send reminder” button (visible at the top of the box when you mark at least one invite). This will resend the same invitation-email as used previously.

Revoking access

First, open the “members” tab in the sub-tab menu on the members-page. To revoke the access of a member, mark the check-box next to the name of the user, this will give you the ability to click “revoke access” in the top line of the box. You will then see a confirm dialog, after clicking “yes” the user will no longer be able to access the investor portal and will not receive any future mail sent through the app.

Similarly, you can revoke a pending invite by navigating to the “invited” sub-tab, mark the check-box next to a pending invite and hit “Delete invitation”. Deleting an invitation will invalidate the invite-link in the invitation-email, blocking the recipient from using the invite email to enter the investor portal.

Note that it can sometimes be more suitable to reduce a members level of access, rather than revoking access altogether. Check out Groups & Access Control to find out more.

Responding to requests for access

Investors can find your company’s investor portal within the application and request to get access. Until you respond to a request, the user will not be able to access the investor portal. When you have a new request for access you will be notified by email.

To respond to a request for access, open the sub-tab “requests for access” and click on the request. A pop up dialog will appear, where you will be able to read any potential messages added to the request. By clicking ‘accept’ the user will receive an automated email stating that (s)he was granted access. The user will now appear under the ‘members’ sub tab, and will be able to access the investor portal and receive emails sent through the application.

If you click “ignore request”, the user will be denied access and the request will disappear from the list. We will not notify the user to tell that the request is denied.

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