Getting Started

Create a user

The first thing you need do to get started with OwnersRoom, is a user. This is simple. By entering any part of the OwnersRoom app (URLs starting with, you will be prompted with a message to sign in or sign up. Simply click “sign-up here”, and enter your details, and you’ll be up and running.

We will send you a confirmation email with a link for you to click on. If you do not receive this email, please check your spam/junk-folder, contact us on if it did not arrive. You’ll need to confirm your email address to be able to send any email via OwnersRoom.

Having confirmed your email, you’ll find yourself on the application home page. Here you will find any organization that you are invited to under “my organizations”, click “Accept invite” and click on the name of a company to enter that company’s investor portal.

If you want to check out OwnersRoom but don’t have any associated organizations in the app, you can quickly get started for free by following the steps below 👇

Create a new investor portal

To create a new investor portal for a company you can visit this link and follow the steps there. This will create an investor portal-light, with limited functionality, which can be upgraded to a full investor portal by getting in touch with us. Read more about the differences, here. Simply click “Get started now” and enter your company’s details to have your new investor portal up in no time. If you want to get inspiration you can Check out our DemoRoom. Hit the request access-button and we will grant you access.

Set up your company’s investor portal

To be able to edit the content of a company’s investor portal, you need administrator-rights, which may be granted by the current admins/super-admins. Follow these simple steps, to get your investor portal ready:

  1. Send us your company’s cap table (premium plan only). Remember to include; legal entity name,, share classes, nominal value per share, and info about other securities you want registered. We’ll import the data for you, while you can move to step 2.
  2. Edit the company profile from the ‘Organization’ module. Clicking on the ‘gear-symbol’ in the top right corner of the profile-box will allow you to edit the general information about your company.
  3. Put up a welcome post in ‘News’. To set the tone and explain to your investors what they can expect to find in your company’s investor portal, we advise you to enter a short welcoming text. Check out an example, here. Start creating a post by clicking the green action button in the lower right corner.
  4. Upload documents in the ‘Documents’ module. Your investors will want to easily access core information about your company. We suggest you start with the most important documents, such as Shareholders Agreement, Bylaws and the latest pitch deck/company presentation. Check out documents for more inspiration.

    Protip (Premium)

    Don't bite over more than you can chew, start with the most important documents and invite your investors today, you can always add more folders and documents later.

Invite your investors

With the most important information added, it is time to invite the investors. If the cap table is not yet fully imported (premium plan), we suggest you invite your investors anyway (they won’t see the cap table-page before the cap table is published).

  1. Select who to invite. Find a list of current security holders and any potential investors you want to keep in the loop. If you have been sending investor updates on email, we advise you start by copying the contact-list from your latest update, and then invite more members as you go.
  2. Send the invitations from the Members-module by clicking on the green action button in the lower-right corner, and “add new member”. Copy the list of emails that you want to send the invitations to and paste in the input field. Make sure to only add valid email addresses and not include any names. Select the group(s) you want the contacts to be associated with, before moving to the next step. You can use our suggested invite-text or add your own touch to the invitations by editing the invite-text. Click send, and the invitations are on their way! Your investors will receive an email with a link to sign up and enter your company’s investor portal.
  3. Follow up with a new investor update (sent from OwnersRoom) within the next month or two, to increase engagement among your investors.

Feel free to check out the other articles in the Knowledge Base to get more tips on how to make the most of OwnersRoom.

If you have any unanswered questions or feedback, please get in touch at