Why Documents?

The Documents module is a folder structure that allows you to easily share documents, presentations, and spreadsheets with the members of the investor portal.

Differentiate access to information based on Groups, and use the Documents module for board work, fundraising, General Meeting-minutes and more.

Use our digital signing solution, to sign documents such as board meeting minutes directly from within the Documents module.

What to include

We recommend creating a folder structure that will make it easy for your members to navigate your documents. Some suggestions for folder names are:

  • General Meetings,E.g., Minutes of general meetings.
  • Fundraising, E.g., Documents about capital raises or liquidity events.
  • Legal , E.g., Documents detail the governance of the organization.
  • Press, E.g., Articles or documents showing press coverage.
  • Financials, E.g., Budgets, cash-flow forecasts, and financial accounts.
  • Board work, E.g., Agendas and Notices.

In terms of documents, as a minimum, we recommend uploading:

  • Shareholders Agreement
  • Bylaws
  • The latest pitch deck / company presentation


Set a folder structure

We recommend you set up the groups before the folder structure, read more about groups, here.

  1. Use the green action button in the bottom right corner to create a new folder.
  2. Choose a name for the folder and which groups you want to have access to its content. See more about setting access below.
  3. To create a folder within a folder, simply step into the folder you wish to the new folder located, and then use the green action button to create the new folder.
  4. Upload documents using the drag-and-drop function or click “upload new file” from the green action button. Make sure to be inside the folder you want to upload the content to (at the point of writing, there’s no way to move several files in one operation).

Signing documents digitally

Check out the article on how to request digital signatures for PDF documents uploaded to OwnersRoom.

Managing levels of access

Create groups and use these groups to differentiate access levels in the Documents module.

  • Make sure you have your groups in place. Check out Groups for more information on how to use the Groups module.
  • Set access to a folder directly from the “Create new folder” dialog, or by clicking the three dots button on the right side of an existing folder (visible when hovering over a folder with the cursor), and click “Manage Access.”
  • To make the folder available to all members Select “All members” from the drop-down menu. If you set the access for a sub-folder (any folder located within another folder), you can use “Same as parent”. This will make the folder automatically follow the restrictions of its parent folder.
  • To make the folder available to specific group(s) Choose “Selected Groups only”. You can then select which groups to give access to that specific folder using the check-boxes. Note that you can only select groups that already have access to the parent folder.


Facts about Access Control on documents

  • Access is managed on the folder level (there’s no way to change access for a single file).
  • Files that are not within a folder will be available to all members.
  • You can not set access to groups that do not have access to that folder’s parent folder(s).
  • Sub-folders with the “Same as parent” access-setting will automatically adopt the access settings of its parent folder when these are changed.
  • When access levels are set to “Selected groups only”, changes to the access level of the parent folder will not increase the folder’s access. However, it can be reduced if the parent folder’s new setting is more restricted than the sub-folder.
  • Superadmin & admins will always have access to all folders within an investor portal and can therefore not be unchecked from the drop-down menu.

Use access control to start building up a new folder without making it public before it is ready. Create a new folder that is restricted to admins only and begin uploading. When everything is prepared, you can provide access to all members / selected groups.

Moving, deleting and renaming

Commands for a specific folder or file are initiated from the three dots button on the right side of a folder or file (visible when hovering over a folder with the cursor).

  • Move a folder is not yet supported in OwnersRoom at the time of writing. Therefore, you need to create a new folder with the same content and delete the original if you need to move a folder.
  • Delete a folder to remove the folder and all its content. After deleting a folder, there is no way to regain access to the folder or its content.
  • Rename a folder by clicking “Rename” from the three dots menu. Notice that changing the name of a folder (or file) will change the URL for that folder. Old links to the folder or its content will therefore no longer work.

Data security

Please see the Data Security article for information about how we store, secure and transfer data.

If this article did not answer your questions, or you have any feedback, please get in touch at