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Cap table: The intro
Cap table: The intro

Answers: What is the cap table, what are the benefits, and how to get started?

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What is the cap table module?

The OwnersRoom Cap Table module not only simplifies ownership tracking for companies but also provides investors with a detailed overview of their holdings.

Benefits of OwnersRoom Cap Table Module:

  1. Efficiency: Streamline ownership tracking, saving time and resources. Never worry of whether your cap table is up to date.

  2. Accuracy: Precise and rich data representation for a reliable overview of ownership. No more spreadsheet formula errors.

  3. Consistency: Full control of all registered events back in time, consistent with the current ownership situation at all times.

  4. Flexibility: Although there are lots of calculations ensuring data accuracy, you can still edit any event back in time and see the cap table adjust accordingly.

  5. Integration Options (Norway): Connect with Euronext Securities Oslo (VPS) to sync with their data, or import data directly from Skatteetaten to build from.

Investor Insights:

The data from the cap table module is made available to respective investors, offering a comprehensive overview of their holdings. Investors can access:

  • Ownership Details: Get a detailed breakdown of ownership percentages.

  • Transaction Log: View a log of all transactions related to them.

  • Pricing Data: Access pricing information associated with their investments.

  • Current Value of Holdings: Stay informed about the current value of their holdings.

  • MOIC (Multiple on Invested Capital) Calculations: Understand the return on investment through MOIC calculations.

Getting Started

1. Excel Upload:

Administrators can initiate ownership tracking by uploading an Excel file, a method highly recommended for its accuracy and comprehensiveness.

2. Manual Data Entry:

OwnersRoom allows for manual data entry, providing flexibility for administrators to input ownership information directly into the system.

3. Skatteetaten import (Norway Only):

For Norwegian companies, the module fetches the latest data from Skatteetaten, offering an efficient and up-to-date solution for ownership details.

4. Euronext Securities Oslo (VPS) Integration (Norway Only):

Integration with Euronext Securities Oslo (VPS) enables daily automatic syncing, ensuring ownership data is consistently and accurately reflected in OwnersRoom.

We recommend Excel Upload

OwnersRoom recommends Excel upload for its efficiency in streamlining data entry, ensuring precision, and capturing all relevant ownership details comprehensively.

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