Signing documents digitally


OwnersRoom supports digital signing of PDF documents uploaded to the Documents module through the e-sign technology of Scrive™, which is a tested and secure digital signature provider. The signed documents are legally binding according to global contract law.

Common use cases

  • General meeting minutes
  • Annual accounts
  • Fundraising documents
  • Shareholders agreement
  • Board meeting minutes


Start the signing process

Digital signing is available from the Documents module. To sign a PDF document, follow these steps:

  1. Upload a PDF to a folder within Documents.
  2. Click the three dots-button to the right of the document name and select “Sign Document” from the drop-down menu (see the image above).
  3. Select signatories from the list (includes all members and invited contacts). Remember to add yourself if you are to sign the document.
  4. Decide whether to require BankID-authentication (Norway only) for all or specific signatories and add a message for the recipients.
  5. Hit ‘send for signature’ and let the system collect the signatures. The final, signed document is sent back to you and all signatories when all signatures are collected.


Limitations and use

The digital signing tool supports cases where several parties must sign the same document (e.g., board meeting minutes), which means that the document is dependent on signatures from all signatories to be valid and signed.

On the occasion that a document was sent to a misspelled/outdated email address that is blocking the process, get in touch with support through chat or

For now, the digital signing module is not designed for cases where several people are to be invited to sign a copy of the same document (e.g. a proxy for General Meeting).

To send and collect digitally signed subscription forms, please check out Deals.

Please note that the document must keep the same name and location for the signing status to update correctly.

How to sign a document

Having sent the document for singing, the signatories will

  1. Receive an email from Scrive and click the link to view the document.
  2. Click the “sign” button found in the document viewer, and if required by the sender: authenticate using BankID.
  3. The finalized, signed document will be emailed to the signatories and the initiator.

Keep track of the status

Admins can track the progress through a status page after the document is sent to be signed. You can find the status page in the folder the document was sent from to be signed.

  1. After sending a document out for signature, the document will be moved to a separate card pending completion, and this will only be visible for admins.
  2. To check the status for all the signatories, click the “view status” button on the right side of the row of the given document, and this will allow you to see who has received, opened, and signed the document. Note that “viewed” means that the recipient has clicked the link in the mail to view the document (not the email itself).
  3. If necessary, you can also send reminders or withdraw the document from the status page. The reminders will only be sent to those who have not yet signed the document while withdrawing the signature request will remove the existing signatures on the document.


General facts

  • The digital signing process accepts PDF files only.
  • Signing parties needs to be invited to, or a registered member of, the company’s OwnersRoom.
  • The newly signed document will replace the original and unsigned document uploaded to OwnersRoom after completing the process.
  • Documents for signing will be sent from and will include the company name of the sender.
  • The email to signing parties includes the document’s name, the sending company, and a message from the sender. It does not include the name or email address of the specific user sending the document.