Company settings

The company settings-page is where admins and super-admins control the overall settings for the organization’s investor portal.

Here, admins and superadmins can perform tasks such as:

  • Update the company’s general information
  • Edit links to the company’s social profiles (e.g. twitter, linkedin, etc)
  • Manage admin-rights
  • Delete the company’s investor portal.

These settings exist per investor portal, and can only be accessed from within a company’s investor portal. Admins can enter company settings either from the settings-button at the bottom of the side-menu (or from the gear-symbol in the top-right-corner of the information-box on the organization-page).

Company settings-image

Personal settings

The personal settings-page is where you can manage your user’s settings (across the app).

From the personal settings-page you can;

  • Edit personal info (name, picture, etc.)
  • Update links to your personal social profiles
  • Set your privacy settings.

Access the personal settings-page by clicking your profile picture in the top right corner of the app.

Personal settings-image

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