Email on OwnersRoom

Emails are a key part of the OwnersRoom service-offering, and is used for various purposes. Here we try to answer any general question you might have about how email works on OR.

The different types of emails

We use emails for four main purposes;

  1. Service emails are all emails sent through the App as a part of the OwnersRoom Services, e.g. invitations, news posts and notifications.
  2. Transactional emails, which are automated service messages from us to you as a user, e.g. password reset, confirm email etc.
  3. Product updates to help you get the most out of the application, e.g. information about how to use a new feature.
  4. Marketing including newsletters and special offers.

Service emails

Service emails are the emails sent via the App which is part of the service offered to our users. Examples are emails triggered by the actions of an admin to the (invited) members of an OwnersRoom, such as news posts or invitations, and emails sent from the App to a user, triggered by a predefined trigger as requested by the user, such as a monthly summary of all activity in a specific users organizations (*service not offered at the time of writing).

The sender email address of the service emails is However, for invites and news posts, replies will go to the email address that is linked to the user sending the invitation/news post.

All service emails include an unsubscribe link (see more about “unsubscribes” below)

News posts

News posts can be sent out on email, to ensure that the message can be accessed without logging in to OwnersRoom.

News post-emails will go out to all members, i.e. those who have signed up and accepted the invitation to the investor portal, and all invited members, those who have received an invitation, but not yet signed up. See the tab ‘invited’ on the members page.

Double check the list of recipients before sending a news post-email using the confirmation dialog. Simply click on the dropdown menu to ensure that you’ve included the intended recipients. Note that any unsubscribed recipients will not receive the email (see “unsubscribes” below for more info).

Use Analytics after sending a news post to verify that emails have been delivered correctly and see whether the recipients open and / or click on the link to your company’s investor portal. Read more about analytics here.


When admins invite people to join their company’s investor portal, an email is sent to the invited email address. This email contains an invitation-link, which function as a key to enter that specific investor portal. The invitation-link provides a single invitation to the investor portal it was sent from, for anyone using the link. This means that a person receiving the link can sign up using a different email address than the one receiving the invite-mail was sent to. The invitation-link will expire if an admin of the room delete the invitation before it is used.

Transactional emails

Transactional emails are the emails sent from us in OwnersRoom to you as a user of the OwnersRoom App. These emails are key to the service itself, and you will therefore find that there is no unsubscribe button for these emails. Examples of transactional emails sent via OwnersRoom include email verification, download-links and password reset-emails.

Users can reply to transactional emails to reach our customer success team.

Product updates

Users and customers may sign up to receive occasional product updates. Send an email to if you want to be kept in the loop on the latest, major updates to the OwnersRoom App. You may unsubscribe from product updates at any time.

Marketing emails

Anyone can sign up to our newsletter emailing list to receive input regarding IR (Investor Relations), fundraising, investing in unlisted companies and other related topics. Go to the bottom of Our website to sign up. You may unsubscribe from the newsletter and any other marketing emails at any time.

Email addresses

Email addresses exists in various places within the App.

Users have one email address registered in the application. This email address serves two purposes, 1) To authenticate the user when signing in to the application, and 2) to receive all news posts and transactional emails sent to the user via the application. Users can sign up to marketing emails and product updates with the same email address from the app, or sign up with different email addresses from our website, if preferred.

Users are asked to verify their email address when signing up to OwnersRoom for the first time. This is to ensure that we get the correct email address. Users who have not verified their email will not be able to send out emails through the application, until the email is verified.

If you do not receive a verification email, please check your spam folder (if it is there, please add the sender email address to your contacts to make sure you receive emails in the future), otherwise try again and double check that you write the email address correctly. Contact if you still haven’t received an email after two minutes from signing up.

Users can change their email address by contacting us at

The email addresses in the cap table is set by the admin(s) of the investor portal. When inviting “uninvited securityholders”, these email addresses are used.

The email address for ‘invited’ (those who have been invited to an investor portal but have not yet signed up), is set by the admin when sending an invite. When an admin invite a new person with an email address, this email address will be used to send out the invitation and any further emails (incl. news posts) from the admins of the investor portal until the recipient sign up as a user, from which point the users’ selected email address (selected when signing up) will be used.

Organizations can add an email address to show up on the organization page. This address is not used for any authentication purposes, and is not verified by OwnersRoom. We advise admins to add an email address to your company’s investor portal to make it easy for shareholders and potential investors get in touch.


Deliverability means that an email make it all the way to its recipients inbox. This is an important topic for us and we are constantly seeking to maintain and improve our email deliverability, to ensure that our users’ emails reach their intended recipients.


Adding the sender email address (usually ) to your contact list in your email client will reduce the likelihood of it ending up in the spam folder.

Ensuring email deliverability is a complex subject, and users who want to get into the nitty gritty details are advised to check out the information published by email-services such as Mailchimp and Sendgrid. The short story is that in order for an email to reach the inbox of the intended recipient, there are a number of gatekeepers that have to allow the email to pass, with the most important ones being the recipient’s ISP (internet Service Provider / Inbox Provider) and the recipient’s spam filter. If the recipient’s address is found likely to contain spam, phishing, fraud or include malicious software, these gatekeepers will want to block the email. Usually, these gatekeepers are really good at filtering emails through, but they occasionally do mistakes, and block, delay or filter emails to the spam folder (sometimes called “junk”), that the recipient would want to read.

To reduce the likelihood of emails sent through OwnersRoom being blocked or go to the spam folder we have to protect our domain and IP address, to ensure that we enjoy highest possible sending reputation among ISP’s (Internet Service Providers). The single most important way to do this is to constantly make sure that emails only goes out to relevant recipients, and only include relevant content. This means that the actual person at the receiving end should expect to get the email, that the recipient’s email address is correct (i.e. not outdated or not misspelled), and that it contains information that is relevant to the recipient.

To make sure that all recipients expect to receive the emails we send out, we always use opt-in for marketing emails, and only send transactional emails to registered users. Further, users may only invite people who they have permission to invite (see “Your responsibility” for more info), and we use unsubscribe buttons on all marketing emails, product updates and news post-emails to ensure that any recipient can decide to not receive any more of that content (see “unsubscribes” below for more info).

To increase the likelihood of sending to the correct email address we validate new users’ email addresses, and filter out invalid email addresses from our database (i.e all email addresses should look something like this “”@“”.) Moreover, if we register that emails are blocked by the recipient’s ISP (Internet Service Provider / Inbox Provider) we will not email that email address again.

Your responsibility

When inviting a new member to your company’s investor portal, we ask you to check a box stating that “I have permission to invite and email these individuals”. This is first and foremost to make sure that users respect other people’s privacy and do not use their private data without legitimate reason or consent, and secondly to ensure that users do not act in a way that may hurt our ability to successfully deliver emails on behalf of our customers and users. We take this matter seriously, and if we suspect that users act in a way that is against Norwegian law, is hurting our ability to deliver our services successfully, or in other ways violates our Terms of Service, we will act in order to prevent the continuation of such actions. Please see the Terms of Service for more details.


Recipients of news posts sent via email have the option to unsubscribe from future emails sent via OwnersRoom. This is to ensure that only those who want emails, will get them.
When someone unsubscribes it means that we will not try to send an email to that specific email address. If you experience that a member unsubscribes and you expect it to be a mistake, we advise you contact them directly.

Our Mail service: Sendgrid (Twilio)

OwnersRoom use Sendgrid (recently bought by Twilio) as our mail service provider. Sendgrid provides services to increase and monitor deliverability.

If you have any unanswered questions or feedback, please get in touch at