Feed Euronext Securities-data to the cap table

Let Euronext Securities keep track of the ownership and feed the data directly to OwnersRoom!

Note that this function is specific to Norwegian companies registered with Euronext Securities, the Norwegian Central Securities Depository (CSD).

How it works

Each morning Euronext Securities send the latest shareholder register to OwnersRoom. The data is automatically updated in the cap table module and you no longer have to keep the two registers in sync yourself.

Changes to the cap table are registered with Euronext Securities in the same way as before, through your account issuer in the bank, and will show up in OwnersRoom after the following scheduled import from Euronext Securities.

How to setup

  1. Activate data sharing with OwnersRoom from the ‘Third parties’-section in Euronext VPS Issuer Services. See image 1 below.
  2. In OwnersRoom, navigate to cap table, and ‘edit cap table’, via the three dots-button in the top right corner of the information-box. Here you should find a blue banner with a link to setup the Euronext Securities extension. See image 2 below.
  3. Flip the switch to activate the Euronext Securities extension. This changes the data source from manual changes to the automated Euronext Securities data feed.
  4. Wait for the next data feed from Euronext Securities to be imported (the import runs four times a day).

VPS-extension_screenshot Activate-Euronext-VPS-Extension

Import and matching of contact information

When a new person or company is registered in the data from Euronext Securities, a new company/person will be created in OwnersRoom.

The system will match new and existing data to avoid duplicates.


Sometimes the contact data does not match and a duplicate is created. This will not affect how the cap table is experienced by your investors, but it may cause confusion for admins when using other features (e.g. digital signatures).

If you experience duplicates getting in your way, please get in touch and we will help you out.

If this article did not answer your questions, or you have any feedback, please get in touch at support@ownersroom.com__